After months of searching the internet, these links represent what we feel to provide the best information on car seat safety, particularly with regard to extended rear facing. (click any of the blue links)

Everything you ever want to know about car seat safety is here,
Child Passenger Safety Technical Encyclopedia ...   

In the Encyclopedia there is a very specific discussion related to:
Rear facing vs Front facing

Rear facing was "born" in Sweden in 1963, based on NASA's space program,  and the Gemini space capsule   Bertil Aldman of Chalmers University

Child car seat advice questioned  MSNBC

Rear-facing  - unmatched safety  CPSafety

British Medical Journal Study
recommends ERF to 4 yrs old!!

Rear-Facing is Safest

(Sept 2006)  What happens to children in car crashes

Rear-Facing:     The way forward (UK site)

  Are Infants Safe in Their Car Seats?      Consumers Union tests

  Study: Car safety seats for children       Published,  Injury Prevention 2007

  Rear facing - Getting the message right!       Published,  Pediatrics Journal

   Injuries to children in forward facing child restraints

  Safe Ride News – Your Link to the Child Passenger Safety World
**Actual Crash Data** This is a long read, but WOW!                                              You'll be amazed, many similar C-1 & C-2 neck fractures.
                 real life crashes investigated, commisioned by ANEC  
Seat belt failure & car seat safety **BOOSTER SEATS**
ANOTHER TRUE STORY Kyle David Miller Foundation

What about my child's legs?"  "What about comfort?"    "My child is miserable rear-facing."
"My child hates riding in the car!"       "My child suffers from car sickness."            
  AND THE FAMOUS LINE.... "My pediatrician said my child can/should forward face now."
(Read about them here)

Norwegian Website =
* LARGE ERF CARSEATS*     Car-safety for kids

Courtesy of  RF - the way forward
Courtesy of  RF- the way forward
Car Seats
Rear end collisions ??    What happens then ??
              Here's a true story....... (click here)
NHTSA has the Crash Data
" A review of US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data on crashes between 1998 and 2003 involving 870 children concluded that rear-facing seats were better at protecting kids up to 23 months across all types of accidents."   source: MSN.COM   6/11/2009
This is based on data from our own government !!