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Grandma visited every day when he was in hospital fot physical therapy
     10 weeks after his accident
Joel's first Christmas, 2007.
Joel's Journey is intended to prevent as many of these tragedies as possible. 

Hopefully, this website has inspired you to write your state officialsNHTSA, AAP, and anyone else involved in the car seat safety laws. 

Ask them to revisit these laws! Get involved with your local car seat clinics. Do it for the families and kid's who have suffered these preventable tragedies. 

Let's make this the last story anyone needs to write!

  ** NEW  VIDEO  **   Updated January 14, 2009 

Joel's plastic collar has been removed!!!  His right arm is still somewhat limp, but his right forearm & hand work great.  Physical therapy twice a week, and in time, he should be back to himself.  Thank God!!

    Nov 2008  **  Joel has a new "BIG" car seat !! **

  NHTSA has approved our request for   permission to import a RF Swedish car seat for Joel!  This was based on his "delicate" condition during his recovery period, a doctors statement,  and the fact U.S. seats cannot accomodate his weight for RF. He is 35 lbs, and the Swedish Britex Multi-tech accomodates 55lbs RF.   AWESOME!! 
P.S. Difficult to see, but the top is tethered to the front seat. Notice the support leg in back. purchased @ (
We send out HUGE "thank you" to our friend in Sweden, who helped us to get our carseat!! Visit his site @
May 13, 2009

Graco rolls out a 
40 lb Rear facing car seat

My Ride 65

* VIDEO *May 13, 2009
Joel helping Grandpa with yardwork
Joel isn't alone....
This is a photo of Theresa. 

She was involved in a very similiar accident as Joel, in a front facing car seat, and also suffered C-1 & C-2 fracture in her neck. She was 3 yrs old at the time.

Her parents sent us an email, telling us of the accident, and commending our efforts. 

Through surgeries and therapy, Theresa has recovered quite well. Very lucky, little darling!

We thank her parents for their permission to publish this photo, and show that this does happen to other kid's too!! 
Updated 3/05/16
JOEL'S PROGRESS         September 17, 2009
I want to thank everyone for their emails, and prayers, 
regarding Joel's recovery.
He is doing great!! The surgeon that fused his neck said the x-ray looks just like a normal little boy his age!! Thank God!!
He still has limited movement in his right arm, and is scheduled for nerve surgery in Philadelphia on October 13th 
I will keep you all posted.
Thanks again for your support
Winter's coming !!!
Car Seat Poncho makes harness installation quick,safe, and warm
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**New Video ** June 2010
Joel, splashing it up, in his pool....

******AWESOME NEWS*******
Christmas 2010 -  After a follow up visit of Joel's shoulder surgery, bypassing the pinched nerves, the doctors said 80 -90% of the nerves have attached correctly!! Movement of his right arm has greatly improved. Could be another year or so, but progress is steady. Praise God!! And thank you for all of your prayers....   
Feb  2013  
  Joel is now in school !!!  6 yrs old now....he's so excited!!!  Teacher says he's very inquisitive, and (funny) a bit of a "chatterbox" always asking questions. Guess he gets that from Grandpa LOL     
        Good for him :)
Joel with "new" brother Eddie
6 yrs old now.........

Anxious to get out and play ball!!!
 9 yrs old ....loves baseball!!